A Simple A-Z On Important Issues Of Urine

Generally the common way of testing is testing anyones urine.
This is a level of stupidity that ranks up there with Pete Rose.
Prof: Well but you said you have a responsibility to maintain the records.
A normal cortisol level has to be maintained to make sure good health. In case you would like more info please see the following web site #link2#
Many multi panel drug test cups are available with attached temperature strip which makes it difficult to tamper and maintains integrity of sample.

There are certain standards that every corporation wants to maintain within their vicinity to promote a certain kind of environment.
To pass a urine test users at times use the method of substitution, where genuine urine is not used as a sample.
Before you take a drug test, it is important to know what kind of test you would be taking.
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MichiganThere are legislative plans in the works that will require those receiving benefits from welfare programs to pass a drug test.
Samples testing positive during both screening and confirmation tests are reported as positive to the entity that ordered the test.
Here you can find the effects of multiple drugs at a single time.
This can be done inside or outside of the body.
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Based on these drug tests we can screen ourselves and then get special treatment to leave the obnoxious habit for ever.

You can find numerous options, details and drug testing remedies offered on the internet which may aid us to pass a drug test effectively.
Charlie Sheen took a drug test Saturday for ABC and claimed that he is clean, but also stated that he is high on himself.
Such laws are being discussed in ten other states as well.
Long duration of detection:Hair drug tests can detect drug abuse for longer periods than the other drug tests.
As a reminder T.I. and his wife Tiny were pulled over the week of September 1, 2010 for making an illegal U-turn.

On the flip side of that there are many single parents in the category of ‘working poor’ who aren’t home much to monitor that stuff.
It provides an easy step by step procedure to conduct the test without the need of any additional instruments.
You could even get sent to prison or lose custody of your children.
So again I have a duty, as a physician, to evaluate this literature critically and to really be able to validate or ascertain the validity of the research that supports my choices.
OxyContin is one of the many generic names for drugs that include the narcotic oxycodone.
The best and the only sure way to pass a drug test is not to take drugs at all.

Drug tests can give peace of mind when it is most needed and are a fantastic deterrent and also give help to those trying to break their habit and lead a drug free life.
But honesty and one clean test wasn’t enough to stop him from dropping all the way into the fourth round.
A question we get all the time is can my employer drug test me?
He unfortunately failed the test.

Are you depressed or chronically tired?
These tests are the only … DOT Drug Testing?
Drug testing is normally done by using a urine sample.
Today it was confirmed what many had believed for a long time: Sammy Sosa used performance enhancing drugs PED’s.
Frequent or persistent users with a slow metabolism will have long detection times. To find out more with this kind of area please go to passyourdrugtest123
The average recreational illegal medications will last in your system between one day and a week.

And if you go world — so 15% of the members of Wellmark got this stuff, as of 2003; and 600 million worldwide.
Instead, to add insult to injury, the decision was overturned when Love failed a post fight drug test due to a diuretic he took in the days before the fight.
The detection time varies for different types of drug tests. To see the most updated ideas on how to pass a drug test go to uscapitalforaday
If you learn you are to be tested through a hair test, the only way in which you can bypass this screening is to shave off every last strand of hair from your body.
Schleck tweeted today: “What a crazy day in cycling with the news about Contador.

This is a cheap and effective way for employers to test their prospective and present works for drug abuse.
Today, there are as many suggestions on how to pass a drug test as there are companies offering products to defeat one.
This allows observation throughout the testing procedure and virtually eliminates switching, diluting or tampering with the sample.

Finding A Good Personal Injury Solicitor Who Will understand Your Own Unique Situation

Experience is not enough in all cases. Make sure he has a good amount of experience. I speak from personal experience. Experience matters the most!Remember, a  good Personal Injury solicitor is known by his/her experience.

Discover a attorney who has won the vast majority of cases that have gone to trial. A vast majority of people would care less to speak to a lawyer until something unexpected happens to them. One of the most effective ways to find out how reliable a personal injury lawyer lawyer is to do some research about this kind of personal injury solicitor and it is best to choose a lawyer who has a vast knowledge about personal injury lawyer related laws.The fact of the matter is that humans cause a vast majority of the accidents we see. He or she should also have extensive experience in the field.Choose an attorney who demonstrates expertise in the field of personal injury lawyer law. You want to make sure that any lawyer you choose has plenty of experience in this particular field.

The person that was injured could be claiming either that they were injured physically or injured psychologically. Whether the wrongful actions were intentional or not, personal injury A victims may be able to seek compensation with the true damages suffered by the injured victim.An With the complexities of personal injury cases, it is therefore a wise decision to seek help from reputable personal injury lawyers. Legal help is really important for car accident or motorcycle accident victims as it help them receive just compensation for their damages.

Save all emails from your doctor about your injury. Seeing a doctor will show that you had some concerns about your condition early on. Try to start the process of locating a lawyer within a week or two at most if you have been injured. It makes sense to find a personal injury A at a law firm that specializes in winning personal injury A claims when you are injured. They should make you feel comfortable and at ease. The point of the foregoing is that if you have been injured. But, if you are actually injured, well, it may be a less than desirable outcome. Learn about product liability law or contact a lawyer to help you with your legal questions.Doctor They never feel they got enough, and in most cases, they do not get much.

Doctors fees, for one. So it is always important to choose the best person who can get the things done for you easily and quickly. And then there are copying fees, court fees, courier fees, federal express charges, and so on, and so on, and so on. You need to prove the other person was negligent in the accident. In case you are the one at fault, the attorney will work to ensure you pay the least fines possible.

A great way to find a good personal injury solicitor for your case is to use referrals. Getting the Best personal injury solicitors can be of great help to you or your family members. It is possible to find a personal injury A attorney very soon after the accident. The lawyer referral service facility is can be easily get to find the top personal injury.

Make sure you ask the right questions if you talk to a personal injury A lawyer. Meeting them in. Check whether the attorney is asking questions about the accident and if he answers your questions satisfactorily. The more information concerning your injury with which you can provide your P.I. attorney, the better off you will be. Schedule Meeting with Lawyers Lastly, you can have a meeting with the persons to whom you are thinking of hiring as the personal injury Louisville.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do they sound authentic? For example, a lawyer who has been in the field for more than two decades is a good bet. Those people are connected to other lawyers and they could give a sound recommendation to you. They believe in real lotteries as well – and that you can “get rich quick” if you know the “secrets” to investing. It is vital for the victims to provide as much information as they can to help their personal injury attorney in making sound decisions. Therefore, it is advised that you too opt for an experienced personal injury solicitor to fight the case and direct in your favor.

Now you would feel the importance to hire a personal injury solicitor in Dublin. Never hire a personal injury attorney without looking into their background. You want to hire a personal injury A with whom you have a good professional relationship with. It is always an advantage to hire an experienced personal injury A attorney for your case.

Job interview Thoughts And Services

Once yourself’ve obtained obtained all of the tough effort and hard work of turning into prepared a resume and cover letter, developing employ the service of of for a process, exploring the company completely the moment which finishing a superbly constructive job interview, do not conveniently transfer absent and count on they get hold of yourself! Your job interview is admittedly not carried out nonetheless. It is highly recommended in the direction of do some write-up-job interview keep track of-up.

Constantly, the ratings of just one or sarkari naukri service 2 people will stand out in between the some others. This can be a massively successful software for administrators who should really slim the glimpse in the direction of at bare minimum a single or 2 very last applicants. On your own have to have toward be within just that local community, consequently check out the record earlier mentioned, train your job interview procedure and enhance your ranking!

I’ll say that I’ve observed some persons that comprehend practically nothing with regards to IT, try in direction of compose resumes for IT gurus, with Really undesirable success. Also, that movie pertaining to “what is your most important bad fact” is Really fascinating. I, much too, comprise usually read in the direction of say a electric power and clarify it as a poor vacation spot, even so absolutely everyone else understands that trick, much too. Providing an particular lousy destination that on your own are doing the job toward maintenance seems to be course far more attention-grabbing and correct. I very seem to be together with if I experienced been an interviewer, I would lease that special unique upon the desired destination!

I was approached by way of a Great pal who understood Jack’s widow, Jo. He was mindful I wrote guides, primarily in excess of conventional enjoyment statistics, and suggested that Jack’s tale would probably generate a Terrific e e-book. He facilitated the arrival with Jo, she and I acquired alongside famously, and I made the decision Jack’s tale was not totally e ebook-deserving, nonetheless there was consequently a lot pertaining to him no person realized. Upon this fleeting thoughts-recreation, he all the season wore a ghost of a 50 %-smile and experienced one particular lifted eyebrow. Not particularly sure why, nonetheless it was as if his personality referred in direction of as toward me. And within a further more sensible vein, I may began some current market study and discovered there was a sturdy readers out there a lot more-than-intrigued concerning Jack’s everyday living tale.

The shut doorway insurance plan in the direction of the thrust might be the good results of an replace with Maxim Journal that took place whenever it discovered a lukewarm examination of Warpaint” within its March 2008 dilemma. The trouble wasn’t thus considerably the tone of the examination, nonetheless the reality that the reviewer experienced just listened to a person keep an eye on towards the album previous than composing it. Maxim afterwards admitted its miscalculation, and issued an apology toward its visitors (Unfortunately towards not the band).

Elo-boost.org elo boost services

Elo boosting solutions are a terrific approach to enhance elo rank in league of legends. But, greatness and the progress of elo boosting the service supplier is depended on by support you’re delegating to deliver the endeavor. Elo Boosting critiques are designed in web sites that will help you in finding the right support among the hundreds of services accessible now. You have to perform plenty of study about elo boosting web sites to pick an absolute and best elo boosting service.One of the very important portions of choosing a greatest a firm which is is being chosen by elo boosting service provider supplies the best costs for his or her service. You should think about the costs of the service there is a company providing and also their provisions and conditions together with the service. Plenty of Elo Boosting Reviews by several users states as the service provider is failing to provide the the gamer the success, that they aren’t getting the value of their money. You should never connect or deal with such firms which can-not provide you the worth of your money.You must check all reviews and customers suggestions to make sure that additional users of this firm are pleased using their services. It’s possible for you to place your self at a high rank with the aid of an elo booster quality participant of league of legends. Together with the increasing need of this game the elo boosting services are also increasing their reputation due to which it is getting very confusing for visitors to choose the one that is precise. You may be knowledgeable about several factors along with the grade of the business services in the event that you discover all the Elo Boosting critiques of consumers of a company.Customers mention several issues within their critiques of obtaining an elo booster, including the benefits, what values you’ll get from them as well as how you can be helped by them. If you are confused about hiring elo boosting solutions for the account it is possible to undergo the Elo Boosting Reviews of customers. It’s also possible to get advocated by some one about a firm that was good. Should you need to win all the game’s sections then and really need to boost your positions you must employ you an elo booster at http://elo-boost.org/.You might also have a good idea about ways to play the game efficiently. There are a number of consumers who really help people by their opinion. There are several phases in the game accessible which are hardly easy to defeat alone. You can also require help such situations from user evaluations. You may get a good idea about champion and which function you ought to decide to perform the game.It is also possible to get a general sense about which particular elo boosting bundle will probably be most appropriate for you. There are several kinds of services can be purchased in elo boosting which were created in different aims. Elo Boosting critiques will provide each and every service’s thought and you also are able to decide which will be ideal for you. There are a number of other valuable factors of Elo Boosting critiques available which you can get by finding them.You can take assistance from sites being boosted by the elo if you do not want to stay in elo hell eternally then. It will remove variables like fortune while enjoying league of legends. It is easy to procure a place in the division that is larger. In this way you’ll be able to eventually be a challenger for medals as well. 

New Advice On Reasonable Plans In Urine

In most cases crack cocaine in the urine is expected to leave in about 1 3 days, where as cocaine can be detected in your hair follicles for up to 3 months.
In 2007, Tyson Gay was a triple world champion, but this year was the first time since then that he has been healthy.
There are many people who are addicted to various kinds of drugs, alcohol and other intoxicating materials.
The two mainly admired home drug testing kits are utilized for either urine or saliva.
Samples can be collected “on the spot,” without the modesty issues inherent in urine sample collection.
The areas of the brain which have cannabinoid receptors influence pleasure, memory, thought, concentration, sensory and time perception, and coordinated movement.

Of course, if you suspect your child is abusing drugs or alcohol you should take the matter seriously, and get the needed help.
However, if you can sneak in someone else’s urine sample into the test, passing a drug test when you otherwise will have failed is a possibility.
No indication is on the courier boxes in which your sample arrives and the financial transaction is also secured as it uses 128 bit encryption.
He is detached from the social life and sometimes, he is not allowed to have the custody of his children.

This means that they have already secreted from the person’s body.
In this instance, low means occasional use, medium covers usage spanning daily to just at the weekend, and high is near constant drug use. Drug tests can be a real challenge. To get the latest tips and tricks try passyourdrugtest123
It has been my experience that once you offer to have a GCMS confirmation test performed at a lab on the sample you collected, your teen is likely to come clean and admit using.
They destroy toxins when the solution comes into contact with them in the blood stream.
Our rodu ts mentioned here work by either oating the hair with an organi film similar to hair s ray or by removing toxins from the hair om letely.

If you are a one time user or no more than a couple of times per month, you may test positive for 1-6 days after your last use.
Sample collection:In swab drug test collecting the sample is very easy.
In fact the rocking parties at many nightclubs have become a hub to collect these drugs and try out.
Tetrahydrocannabinol THC, the main active component of marijuana, and its metabolites are detected by these methods.
The same applies for illicit drugs too.
Concentrated synthetic urine is used instead of the real urine.

Callow is in turn accused of profiting by laying betting against Theroadtogorey in three races in 2012 on Knott’s behalf.
It’s estimated that up to 40% of the adult population in this country may have reflux; and some studies say even more.
This can be used daily and can successfully remove all drug toxins from your hair.

She wants to numb the pain. In today’s world most of the statistics show that almost half of the population urine of the world are using or have used medicine to enhance their ability once in their life time.
She needs to stop telling people what she thinks they want to hear and be really honest.
While the test itself might be simple, the factors and worries behind it are not.
However, it can also be a rocky road for teens and parents alike.
Another point of contention, in a seemingly endless list of misconceptions, is the financial cost of the USADA’s drug testing program.

Crucial Information When Purchasing Hardwood Flooring For Palms Sixth Avenue

Currently, many homeowners are considering wooden hardwood floors, carpet, especially in areas that are difficult to keep clean. These are kitchen, sitting room and the corridors. The reasons given range from keeping the floor cleaner than carpet to style, especially aesthetics, warmth and increasing the value of the house. When choosing to buy hardwood flooring for Palms at Sixth Avenue, residents will find the tips below useful.

Review the cost of installing a hardwood floor to complete. Apart from the cost of wood per square foot and its delivery charges, other costs that are easily omitted in budgeting are the cost of demolishing and disposing of the floor to be replaced. The installation also requires you spend money on related materials like nails, glue and staples.

You are required to investigate information on timber floors from a variety of sources. The Internet Service constitutes up-to-date information on types and rates of flooring materials. Additionally, you may get information about home improvement programs and magazines.

It is needed to determine the section of the house to install the wooden floor. You should never expose wood to water. It will cause it to be damp and rot. Thus, areas in the house like the Washrooms and Kitchen require a vinyl floor that is resistant to water. Crucial areas with high human traffic within the house are the best thing to install a wooden floor.

Select between solid hardwood floor coverings that may be sanded as well as re-finished for your Palms strata house in 6th Ave. It may well persist for several years given that it is composed of a single type of solid wood. Once installed it needs extra routine servicing. For engineered wooden floor, it comprises of additional tiers of timber with a clear finish with solid wood on the outside. Its strength is at soaking up the humidity. A per-engineered wood floor requires light maintenance in addition it is easy to clean.


As you may know, there are tens of wood species used for flooring. Some floors are composed of domestic wood while others are exotic tree species. The widths of the wooden planks also vary. In addition, certain types of wood, work better in some climates than others. Thus, professional suppliers and retailers of wood will be helpful when purchasing. However, you need some basic information on wood types. Go for wood of high Janka rating.

Decide whether you will hire a professional flooring contractor to install or you will install by yourself. A professional will recommend the best wood and give quality work. However, you will spend a substantial amount of money on an expert. For flooring where wood has a tongue and groove, this may be fitted by a novice. It does not require glue, nails or staples

With so many materials to choose from on wood flooring, you need a lot of information. It is important to emphasize that though expensive, once properly installed wooden floors give the house an artistic appeal and improve the value of the house. Wooden floors never age and become obsolete. They retain their aesthetic touch and are ever appealing to the eye. You are required to choose the best wood depending on the climate where the house is situated.

Palms at Sixth Avenue website is your main source for the highest quality hardwood flooring for this strata houses project in Singapore.

Integrating Online Track Record Management Into Your Social Media Sites Marketing

Ok, like we talked about in our backlinking for credibility management post, among the simplest methods to begin building your online credibility is to make profiles on the very best Web 2.0 profiles readily available in your name. These websites have fundamental domain authority in online search engine that we can piggyback off of to quickly rank for our keyword (your name). Internet 2.0 sites and social networks are likewise developed to have a lot of share-ability and big user bases to share that content with. Hence Web 2.0 websites are fantastic for online credibility management because of the social link building you can do- the audience is literally right within your reaches!

reputation management. Not every company is on Twitter or have a blog and nor do they belong. Nevertheless, neglecting your “Most current” news totally presents an issue. You are adding fuel to the fire if a customer is singing your commends or even worse a bad remark is composed and you do not react. That consumer has been provided a chance to constantly continue about your company/brand whereas the appreciation vocalist, simply got deflated with no feedback from you to continue. Failing to monitor your reputation online might result in some missed chances or a reduced company image that leads to lowered sales.

Fourth on the list of possible top contenders is Bryden Vukasin. He had a touching story and he definitely appears worthy of winning her heart. While dating (or being married to) someone in the military can be tough, he just may be worth it.

Collect knowledge. Harvest knowledge sources that you can use to prepare blogs, and for publishing on social websites. This will certainly show your customers that you are helpful and knowledgeable.

This remark reveals up on top of all other testimonials and it has been there for over 6 months! Over all this time, this restaurant’s management might be looking at their sales reports, questioning their sluggish sales this summer season as compared to in 2013 and blaming the economy. The problem, as is normally the case, is best under their noses: It’s their dining establishment’s online reputation management services services.

A hole-in the wall center is a warning. A vehicle offer takes significant capital and Big Blue Robot support to carry out. Any dealer with one or 2 staff members is unlikely to be in company tomorrow, much less handle your deal ethically behind the scenes. Ask yourself, do you trust these people in this center with your financial details and wellness? Do you trust them to be in company five-years from now?

Really take at least a few minutes examining the grievance and choosing whether or not you need to do any sort of repairing. Individuals can easily tell the distinction between trolls and truthful feedback. “You suck” does not warrant your reply. It is necessary, though, to have a look at things such as “the format is wonky” or “there is a 404 page where the about page need to be.” Look at everything and if something really does have to be changed or repaired, modify or fix it. When you truly need to, this shows that you pay interest and will do something.

Little things– like clickable contact number on your mobile site, user friendly contact types, and a fascinating blog site– are all easy for a good web maintenance group to include, but they’ll make a huge distinction to your customers!

Renting A Vacation Villa In Bali: Know Before You Go

There are many beautiful locations in Bali where you can rent a villa for very little cost via Bali Locations. Southern Bali is especially popular and known as a wonderful place to take your vacation. Many small towns in Bali have hotels, cottages, and villas for rent. Just as it is with any locale, there are a few tips for getting the best deal.

Define you budget


Before you begin your research, it is important to define your budget. There are villa rentals available in a wide range of budgets so it is important to know what you can afford before you begin making contact with rental agents. You should also check for any complimentary packages or deals such as any meals included or recreational activities. There are villas which offer mid-day snacks, water activities, and other complimentary options.

What do you and your family want to do

Almost every region in Bali has a diverse range of activities available. List out your preferred activities and then ensure they are available before you rent a villa in Bali. Most areas will provide snorkeling and diving activities, as well as golf and tennis. You may decide you want to rent a cottage or unit in a full-service resort so you and your family can enjoy a number of activities in one place.



Most of the accommodations in Bali are luxurious. It is just a matter of how luxurious you want to go. You may want a personal swimming pool or hot tub or may be more interested in a fabulous restaurant. Resorts and many individual villas offer gym facilities, as well as tennis courts and yoga sessions. You should also inquire about the cleaning staff provided since the last thing you will want to do is have a villa that is not cleaned every day. When you talk with a rental agent, discuss all of these details so you know exactly what is available.

How long are your staying?

The duration of your stay will directly impact your overall cost when renting a villa in Bali. If you are not quite sure about the length of your vacation, discuss this with the rental agent. They may be able to offer a better deal for a certain length of time and then provide you the option of renting by the day if you decide to stay longer.
Each rental company or agent will have their own particular strategy for dealing with extended stays. The same thing goes if there is a chance you may have to cut your visit short. Ask your rental agent about any penalties which may be occurred if you decide you have to leave early.
Renting a villa, cottage, or a hotel in Bali is as easy as deciding where you want to visit and then contacting a rental agent. There are a myriad of options for rentals on the beautiful island. Whether you want complete luxury or rustic accommodations, you will be able to find exactly what you want.

You have numerous options available when choosing how you can remove a stump from a tree on your property.


Removal stump services that is stump is probably the many over looked part of a homeowneris intend to get rid from their home of bushes. The stark reality is that stump removal will not be included by just about all shrub service businesses included in their support that is regular. I’ve noticed for reducing the bushes than they did some businesses estimate a larger amount. Obviously there is absolutely many people who believe that removing the stump is soft, nonetheless they usually discover that isn’t the situation.

Whilst the title below indicates, a walk-behind stump grinder isn’t just simple use and to walk-behind, however itis obviously one of the most prevalent. A good way to determine it’s just like a garden mower the personal stands behind whilst the running knives cut-through the stump. Highspeed turning knives create a stump feasible for a stump grinder to pulverize in the same period the owner employs a handle draw and to drive it. Just because a walk-behind stump grinder is soft to take advantage of and transportation, it’s become very popular within the leasing market. Should you want to work only one or two stumps up, a walk-behind stump grinder are frequently your absolute best choice.

There are numerous techniques to pick from to completely eliminate a stump inside your lawn. Numerous decades is likely to be required but one method of eliminate a stump would be to put substances onto it that speed decomposition up. You can test searching it out oneself so long as you possess a pal, along with a pickup truck, several stores or two which are bribed with lasagna and ale. Only when there is nothing around it and also the neighbors don’t believe it is a large package, although I would absolutely take a look at utilizing dynamite on the stump. On the other hand you employ someone in the future eliminate the stump for you personally or might usually merely obtain a stump grinder leasing.

Milling right down a stump to no less than 6 inches below stage is just a common method that ought to continually be completed. You’re likely to require atleast that much space in replanting the region above the floor down stump to make sure great results. You might want to hold back around 6 months though to be certain all of the nitrogen is n’t consumed by the origins from the completely new dirt you pay. We shall have plenty of compost quit you could merely use within surrounding flower-beds or about additional bushes after milling along the stumps.

The moment you learn to make use of a stump grinder effortlessly, you will find it’s fairly awesome and really instead simple. If you were to think that you simply wont are capable to deal with the equipment utilizing the services of the shrub support to work your stumps or obtaining aid from others is just a smart transfer. It is vitally important to ensure while using the a stump grinder you follow all security measures. The data provided below for you personally must provide you with in milling any stumps you could have in your home, some assist.
Your lawn may nevertheless incorporate the shrubis origin program inside it and also a stump after having a professionaly removed. Though some wont mind whatsoever, removing a stump is a must for nearly all property owners. Simply possess a stump removed if you should be extremely nervous about the worth of your house or feel and look. Certainly, the way you eliminate there may be a stump the query that needs to be clarified next.
There are not lots of options unavailable when trying to eliminate a stump. In the end completed and is stated, milling along them is usually the absolute most cheap method of consider. It is necessary to make sure that along with the stump, the origins of the shrub are also removed using the mill. Departing out stumps and origins inside your lawn would likely become very expensive. After striking an open stump plenty of garden mowers have now been the target of curved crankshafts. A lawn is n’t looked excellent in by stumps, and much more significantly, they may be a heaven for vermin along with mites that may create living unhappy for you personally.

Producing your lawn seem not nasty is, obviously, an excellent cause to expel a stump, nevertheless do not disregard that it’s likely to be less hazardous for everybody aswell.
Paul is just a writer that has completed several tasks to get a wide selection of customers. To find out more, he and contact Paul ‘ll back rapidly.

How I Became A Psychotherapist

During my Masters studies, I got to know lots of awesome people. Listening to them, and spending time with them, is so inspiring. Like seriously, you wouldn’t believe the range of people, we actually had in that room. From 23 year olds to I don’t know 65 year olds. At certain age, you’d stop asking. Believe me just because they are older, doesn’t make them less awesome. Actually they were more awesome, because they had so much time in their life, to do great things. So lots of these folks I like to call my tribe actually. They’re really humble, and some of them are actually really shy about their work. And I believe there are lots, and lots, them and lots of others, in the Positive Psychology community, are doing great stuff and it really deserves to be heard, by the world. And that’s what we’re doing here. Before we come to the end, I would like to share with you, the challenge that I plan to devout my entire life to. It comes from the founder of Positive Psychology. He’s called Martin Seligman. He challenged us, the Positive Psychology community, to aspire to the following, in the year 2051. 51% of the world population should be flourishing. That means, they should be able to do what, they do best every day, and lead meaningful lives. That is a huge goal. Like even in really, affluent and well off societies, depending on which measure you believe, is usually between 5 and 15% of people, who say.

You know, I actually do best every day. My life is great. And I’m not saying great, as in happy clappy. We covered that already, right. Great as in, people are actually doing things, which they think are meaningful, and they have the conditions to do so. And yeah, I love that challenge. To me, its like, I don’t know. I’m too young for some of it. I’m too young. I wasn’t there when Kennedy did this whole; let’s go to the moon thing, right. But that’s how I feel. I feel like one of those NASAR engineers, must have felt when they’re like, what to the moon in 10 years, are you insane. Or was it 8 years, I’m not entirely sure. The positive fun of it is such a crazy, crazy goal. And yeah this Podcast is one way of me trying to contribute to that goal. So thank you so much, for sticking with me to the end. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did enjoy this, please subscribe to it. That’s basically for the benefit of yourself, because you don’t have to.

You will never miss those; they will just be automatically downloaded to your phones from ITunes. Or whatever service you’re using. What’s important is, the more people become a part of this community, the easier it will be to get the guest you want to hear on the show. So leave a review, because reviews and comments that’s what attracts new people. And share it; share it with your friends. But obviously if you think if it’s worthy of your time. And now for a little good bye in my native tongue. I will be doing that a lot. I love languages. I have no other excuse to brag, than this. So first of all my native tongue. Another way to connect with me is via my website where I host my psychotherapy practice and also a lot of great content.